Our Fellow Writers

The first blog post I read was about a song named “Breathe” by Lee Hi. The author of this blog post, hsueji, gave a summary of what the song was essentially about. The song is a reminder to the listener that it is okay to take time out of our lives to just “breathe” once […]

Nobody’s Perfect

This blog post may be uncomfortable for some to write, because we are constantly taught as humans to “think on the bright side” or to “find the silver lining.” We are raised as an optimistic society which makes it hard to realize the flaws underneath all the glamour. However, ideas for this blog post came […]

The Fear of Good Students

In Alexander’s article, ” A+ Students/C-Learners: Education’s Report Card” from Psychology today, the writer makes a valid assertion about the difference between a “good student” and a “good learner.” She points out that a “good student” often focuses goals with short-term effects like grades while a “good learner” develops traits that affects them in the […]

She Woke Up Like This

Within the past year, racial tension exacerbated by multiple acts of police brutality and discrimination has left the African American community in a dire situation. After centuries of unfair treatment with effects still evident to this day, it is a struggle for many in the black community to maintain their voices and continue the fight […]

Don’t Take it Too Literally…

I remember the first book fair I attended in elementary school. The feeling of purchasing a new book in addition to a furry, glitter pen made me feel like the happiest child on Earth. However, these feelings did not exactly align with my actual motivation to read the books, as I was constantly reminded by […]