Sleepless Nights

Usually when we think of the weekends, we associate them with sleeping in, relaxing, hanging out with friends, and usually being stress-free. However, after joining the debate team freshman year, my weekends aren’t quite the same. When I think of tournament-weekends now, I guess the connotation of how I describe my weekends would be just […]

Our Future Leader

The upcoming election in November will be arguably one of the most┬ácontroversial and divided. Although it may be easy to default to whatever political side you were taught to support, it is very important to remember that the person being elected is more than just a representation of a political party, but he/she is a […]


While it’s easy to point out our many flaws (we think about them almost every second of the day), turn it around and it’s almost impossible to write a three-paragraph blog post over the positive characteristics of ourselves. In this way, I guess everyone has at least one good characteristic to start out with: humility. […]