The Best Club Around

I stroll down the aisle of sweets, listening to my stomach growl as we pass by each pastry. My 9-year old brother clutches my hand pulling me forward pointing at the direction of the “exit” sign of the large Sam’s Club supermarket. I rolled my eyes ignoring his requests to leave as I returned my […]

Swiper, no swiping!

One of my favorite childhood memories was lazy days where I would spend the entire afternoon watching my favorite television shows on our one channel:¬†PBS Kids. From “Sesame Street” to “Fetch,” I would never get tired of the endless interactive hours I would spend yelling out responses to Elmo’s questions or starting a casual conversation […]

A Fighter

Empress Meongseong, or Queen Min, was born on October 19, 1851 in Yeoju, South Korea. Although she “was an orphan at the age of eight,” her family had strong connections to the royal family (about). This led to her eventually marrying King Gojong of the Josean Dynasty when she was only sixteen. Her husband’s father […]