As highschoolers, I’m sure we’re all familiar with sleep deprivation, and the irritation that comes with it. Often, in many teen movies, highschoolers are always portrayed as the edgy teen who talks back to their parents and only mumbles a grunt when are asked questions. However, this may have less to do with the “mom it’s not a phase” phase and more to do with the lack of sleep we get, causing us to be irritated. Many times before, I have been too tired to answer to my parents in a coherent way, causing me to become irritated when they continue to talk to me. Although this may come across as just being rude, a word that might clear up some of the confusion between parents and children would be “tirritated.” Instead of having to explain to their parents why these students are not in the mood to talk, they can simply just say that they are “tirritated” or irritated because they’re tired. This way, there will be no more time wasted on the daily “why are you annoyed” talk.


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