wE arE all human

Within past months, immigration has grown as an opinion-dividing topic, forming a partition in our nation. As war-torn and nations in conflict lack stability and affairs with human dignity, populations must find a way to construct it in isolation. Inhabitants of a lot of first-world nations know that what is occurring is unjust and hold an additional standard but fail to do anything about unjust actions in war-torn nations. Following Donald Trump’s victory, this complication will compound as anti-immigrant thoughts and opinions magnify worldly. Ballots fall to applicants running for positions in authority who adopt and broadcast anti-immigrant opinions.

To diminish this worry, populations must build a civilization that grasps truth, not opinion. Facts in contrary to alarm or panic will diminish loathing that corrupts us. To put an immigrant down not owing to disposition but to an immigrant’s country of origin or host country allows populations to turn ignorant. Ignorant of what is right, just, and most importantly kind. To combat this anti-immigrant opinion, populations must grasp that immigrants fight who host nations fight too. Immigrant of not, inhabitants all want satisfaction and tranquility, but most importantly immigrants and non-immigrants all last as humans.


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