Grinding my gears…

Ya know what grinds my gears? I can’t stand it when people assume things without knowing the whole story. Almost nothing is private in high school and rumors spread to every nook and cranny of the hallways. Although it is human nature to associate someone with what you have heard about them, students and people in general should get to know someone before they assign their ultimate judgement. Also, people are quick to judge others without knowing all of the circumstances around their situation that may change the perspective of the story. This can be extremely frustrating for you if you are on the receiving end of the judgement.

Like the old saying goes, “kids can be cruel.” High school is a time where people are growing and finding themselves, who they want to be around, and how they identify themselves. By putting others down just based off of the rumors you hear to make oneself feels better can not only destroy the esteem of a teen but also teach the perpetrator to build confidence by putting others down. We should learn to give others the benefit of the doubt, especially if we don’t know who they are.


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