Grinding my gears…

Ya know what grinds my gears? I can’t stand it when people assume things without knowing the whole story. Almost nothing is private in high school and rumors spread to every nook and cranny of the hallways. Although it is human nature to associate someone with what you have heard about them, students and people […]

wE arE all human

Within past months, immigration has grown as an opinion-dividing topic, forming a partition in our nation. As war-torn and nations in conflict lack stability and affairs with human dignity, populations must find a way to construct it in isolation. Inhabitants of a lot of first-world nations know that what is occurring is unjust and hold […]


As highschoolers, I’m sure we’re all familiar with sleep deprivation, and the irritation that comes with it. Often, in many teen movies, highschoolers are always portrayed as the edgy teen who talks back to their parents and only mumbles a grunt when are asked questions. However, this may have less to do with the “mom […]

Take the Stage

Heart pounding, arms sweating, heavy breathing, and legs shaking, I moved slowly like a dark mass hovering over the ground, repeating my lines in my head over and over again like a commanding voice reverberating against the insides of my skull pounding…pounding…pounding like a tribal drum forcing me to close my eyes and squeeze my […]

Knowing and Doing

In a collection of Old Norse poems called the Havamal, I found verse 23 to be especially intriguing. It read like this: A foolish man is all night awake, pondering over everything; he then grows tired; and when morning comes, all is lament as before. This poem, although short, can be relatable to anyone who […]

Let Them In

President Donald Trump has taken an extreme isolationist stance on things from immigration policies to alliances, and the repercussions of his actions are already starting to appear. After the refugee ban was recently shut down by a federal judge from Brooklyn, a major part of the fight for humanitarianism was achieved. However, an article from […]

Down in the Depths

We went down to the hotel pool at about 11 p.m. He was floating face-down on an inflatable raft. We thought that he might have simply been asleep as it seemed that a muscle constantly twitched in his leg. I tried to wipe the dark thoughts out of my brain as images of the horror […]

A Long Trek Home

Florence Thompson and her children in a pea pickers’ camp. Nipomo, California. March 1936. http:/ This picture taken by photographer Dorothea Lange depicts a woman and her children resting under a tent at a pea pickers’ camp. This photo calls to mind a quote from John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” were the Joads take […]

The Prince in the Castle

Prince Rogers Nelson, otherwise known as Prince, was born on June 7, 1958 in Minnesota. From a young age Prince was successful in the music business. At just 18 years old he signed a deal with the Warner Bros. and released his debut album. As he grew older his success grew and eventually joined a […]